30 Year Reunion

Here are some comments about the reunion from
classmates. We had a great time. There are many pictures here, so
please be patient as they load.

"I had a great time and hopefully we can do this again in 5 years.
Thanks again and keep in touch." - Susan Perez

"Congratulations guys for an excellent 30th reunion !!!!!!!!!
Personally, I think it was the best yet." - Norman Hills

"Having William Grubbs speak was very special and his words were very awesome.
  Patty and I have a son in the Army National Guard.  While currently a student
at OSU in pre-vet he was deployed to Bosnia for 9 months in 2001/2002,
so Williamís words were even more poignant." - Kurt Wachtendorf


The Group - 75 classmates attended.

Rick Renfro (72), Chris Coager, Pam Renfro

Larry Davis and wife, Pam

Jan Daves Janet, Theresa Bowers, Rusty McDaniels, Janie Tabb Trotter, Wayne Heyne

Johnny Crecelius and wife

Marshall Hampton, Connie Oglesby (74), Doug Oglesby

William Grubbs and wife, Mary

Judy Wiles Gorrell, Darnell Perritt Rolenec, Darla Johnson Harrison, Debbie Brinlee Pressnall

Theresa Bowers, Connie Kerns Toney, Rhonda Hancock Gray

Janice Daugherty, Becky Davis Armstrong, Jan Daves Janet

Dan Burress and wife, Janis Walkup Burress

Norman Hills and wife, Sheila

Mrs. Terry Carter, Terry Carter, Janie Tabb Trotter, Wayne Heyne

Linda Young, Paul Young

Dixie Dale Prater, Janie Tabb Trotter, Becky Davis Armstrong

Karen Maxwell Higeons, Lisa (friend of Steve Lloyd), Debi Watkins Calico

Tom Fees, Barbara Teague Fees

Kurt Wachtendorf, Patty Schwartz Wachtendorf, Theresa Bowers

Becky Davis Armstrong, Diane Sharon Heichel, Dixie Dale Prater, Doug Oglesby

Janice Daugherty, Bill Andoe

John Looper, Evelyn Looper (teacher)

Gerri Lawson, Terry Lawson

Lori Staggs, Dennis Staggs

Edith Smith Martin

Bud Rubert, Bev Robinson Rubert

Mike Oxley (Monroe), Sabrah Foster Smith (74), Brad Smith, Paul Young, Linda Young

Kurt Wachtendorf, Patty Schwartz Wachtendorf, Donna Priore Morley, Randal Morley

Lisa, Steve Lloyd, Theresa Bowers

Frederick Bell (right)

Ruthy Haynes & guest

Lee Ann Taylor, Roger Taylor, Larry Spencer

Debi Watkins Calico, Dennis Scott (teacher)


Doug Oglesby, Clay Cochran, Beth Tittle, Mary DeCamp Fluker

Becky Davis Armstrong, Randy Lasater

Claudia Coffey Seawright, Dennis Seawright, Dennis Scott, Charles Montgomery, Debbie Copple Montgomery

Lawrence Parker & wife

Joy to the World!

Dixie Dale Prater, Jo Stand, Janis Walkup Burress, Zelda Thurman Weathers, Debbie Copple Montgomery

Wanda Clark Baker, Beth Tittle, Becky Davis Armstrong

Allen Hardison and (?)

M/M Roger Taylor, M/M Stan Lindley, Chris Coager, M/M Tom Golliver, M/M Dan Burress

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Rofkahr, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Young

Connie Kerns Toney, Jo Stand, Norman Hills, Rhonda Hancock Gray

Your Reunion Committee
Top: Debi Watkins Calico, Brad Smith, Tom Golliver, Chris Coager.
Bottom: Dixie Dale Prater, Karen Maxwell Higeons, Debbie Brinlee Pressnall, Becky Davis Armstrong