The Live at 35 group!

Front row:  Barbara Teague, Teacher:  Dennis Scott, Clay Cochran, Debbie Copple, Patty Schwartz,  Theresa Bowers.

Second row:  Susan Perez, Charles Montgomery, Beth Tittle, Debi Watkins, Karen Maxwell, Becky Davis, Goldie Woodward, Gayle Morgan, Randy Lasater, Darnell Perritt, Ruby Rife.

Third row:  Janis Walkup, Steve Lloyd, Mary DeCamp, Vicki Williams, Debbie Brinlee, Rhonda Hancock, Dixie Dale, Jo Stand, Zelda Thurman, Paul Young, Brad Smith, Beverly Lentz, Pam Wiggs, Darla Johnson, Jan Daves.

Back row:  Dan Burress, Norman Hills, Frederick Bell, Gary Sisco, Larry Davis, Chris Coager, Dale Morgan, Gary Rofkahr,  Dennis Hoff, Stan Lindley, Tom Golliver, Tony Shipman.


Not pictured:  Debbie Scott, Janie Tabb

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